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Thread: Don't know you

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    Don't know you

    What is don't know?

    When you're arguing "you know".

    When you judge someone based upon their appearance without even understanding what really is there,"you know".

    When you criticize, "you know".

    When you lecture someone, "you know".

    When you break something because your so frustrated that that thing is doing whatever it is that it is doing, "you know".

    You are so sure. Why are you so sure? In fact, you don't know. Nobody knows.

    It is waking up in the morning and listening to the birds. It is doing NOTHING.

    It is not saying: "I am standing here listening to birds."

    It is don't know.

    yeah, but, but...

    There are no buts. It is don't know.

    So-don't know.


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    Re: Don't know you


    ~ Dave.

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    Re: Don't know you

    Thanks, Will.


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    Re: Don't know you

    Sincerely thank you Will!


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