[REMEMBER THAT TIMES CHANGE THIS MONTH FOR DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!! ... already in North America, soon in Europe ... ]

Please 'sit-a-long' with our weekly SATURDAY 'LIVE FROM TREELEAF' 1-hour ZAZENKAI, netcast LIVE TODAY from 10pm Japan time (that is New York 9am, Los Angeles 6am, London 1pm and Paris 2pm, SATURDAY) ...
... and to be visible at the following link during those times ...



But FEAR NOT if not possible for you to join 'live' in your location at those times, as the entire sitting is recorded in 'REAL TIME' and available for full participation 'on demand' at any time after that, no different from the 'live' sitting :

'REAL TIME' recorded 'ANY TIME' version link is here:


Our Zazenkai consists of chanting the 'Heart Sutra' in English (the words are at the link below), some full floor prostrations in sets of three (please follow along with me ... or a simple Gassho can be substituted if you wish), followed by our Dedication, Zazen for approximately 40 minutes, 5 minutes of Kinhin, and we end the sitting with 'The Verse of Atonement' and 'The Four Vows'.

Please download and print out the words of the Chants we will recite at the following link:


So, please join us as soon as you can, and we will keep a Zafu open for you.

Remember, when we drop all thought of 'here' 'there' 'now' 'then' ... we are sitting all together!

Gassho, Jundo