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Thread: It's no what you think

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    It's no what you think

    Even Treeleaf is not what you think.
    Even the day is "not what you think."

    Having an affinity for that is "just what you think."
    But what is "not what you think?"
    How is "not what you think" like "other than thinking that it is this"?

    A fool is someone who believes what they think.
    But the art is knowing that what you think is "only" what "this thinking" is.

    It's not what you believe.
    It's not what you think.

    When we believe so much in something, then we have lost the way.
    The way is like knowing that believing is believing and "only believing".
    That everything you have ever known your entire life, is just a manifestation of this "mind' or "thinking".

    That person you hate so much, is not what you think.
    That ice cream you like so much, isn't what you think.

    That or this, or this, or those, or these, or them, or... so on.

    Argue if you like, but there is no greater teacher than Zazen.

    You see this not believing anything gives us the freedom to do what we want.
    Not being convinced by your thinking, and things are so, gives you the freedom to walk, or drive, or stop.

    This person you're talking to, is not what you think. And until you understand this, you will wrapped up in confusion, and longing, and discontent.

    It is "Don't know". It is "not" making a statement. It is not that it is like this or like that.
    It is like hot and cold. it only is what it is and beyond that, nothing special, nothing much.

    Have fun.


    Will (not who you think)

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    Re: It's no what you think

    Thanks Will. That made me 'think' but mostly I just don't know.

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