Hi All,

I would like to ask folks to make a special effort to sit with either the live (or recorded 'real time') versions of our 4-Hour Zazenkai this Saturday ...


... because, really for the first time, local folks here in Tsukuba, Japan (most of them experienced Zazeners) are starting to come sit with us, and so this will be our first truly bi-lingual Zazenkai! I am really pleased, as until now I feel I did not put enough effort into building a local sitting group here while concentrating on Treeleaf, although that has changed recently. Even though they will not see you, and time and distance may separate us ... believe me that your presence will be felt by us sitting here. (And I can pass on any messages of greeting to them that you might care to write).

The zazen will be just the same, but some of the chanting and talks and such will be in English and Japanese (the Japanese version chants are printed at the link above).

I hope you can come and sit-a-long.

Arigato Gozaimasu (Thank you)