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Thread: Documentary on Zen

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    Documentary on Zen

    Hi everybody,

    Just bumped into this recently...[/video]]

    Great pictures, a good opportunity to see what Dogen Sangha Tokyo looked like and hear Nishijima, a way to see the monk training in Sojiji. But again, please do not imitate and follow the siting instructions, it is pretty much out of balance, and I find the comments sometimes off on a very cliche and romantic music completely out of tune with the very nature of our tradition. Zen canned and packed for Western expectations...The words of the Kyoto Rinzai Zen roshi are very good to get an idea of how similar and yet different our styles can be.




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    Re: Documentary on Zen



    Gustav, another student of Nishijima, also has some videos on nishijima.

    Worth noting is that Gustav is training to be a christian priest in sweden and also working within prisonwalls and doing sesshins.


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    Re: Documentary on Zen

    Hello Folks,

    although I do not earn my livelihood through making documentary films, I used to work in the tv industry and am still part of the media industry in a broader sense. As far as I can tell this documentary was uploaded without the permission of the people who made it (a small production company it Murdoch monster....). These same people have to pay their actual everyday bills from the monetary fruits of their film making labour. If you like this, please buy an actual copy.



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    Re: Documentary on Zen

    Thank you for the reminder Hans.



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    Re: Documentary on Zen

    Quote Originally Posted by Taigu
    Thank you for the reminder Hans.


    Yes, the above link was change to the official one for the company.

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