Hi everyone,

Since Jukai, every time I sit I realize that I don't have a good handle on the use of my Rakusu, especially during Zazenkai. Would someone (Dosho, Shohei, Kelly-Jinmei, Jundo, Taigu) be so kind as to give a quick rundown of the sequence of events? For regular zazen practice, I enter my sitting room, bow to the altar, bow to my seat, turn and bow to the room, sit, face wall, remove Rakusu from its envelope and place on head, recite robe chant (Verse of the Kesa from Jukai ceremony) - is this to be done three times?, put on Rakusu, sit. After sitting, bow in place then... remove Rakusu while still seated? Or after standing and bowing again? This is when I realize I may need a bit more instruction. As for Zazenkai, I don't have a clue when to do what, Rakusu-wise. :roll:

Thank you in advance for leading me by the hand, dear ones.

Gassho, Jikyo