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Thread: Puti Meditation Dharma

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    Puti Meditation Dharma

    There is someone starting a Puti Meditation class at my university campus. There wasn't much in the way of explanation on the flyer and only thing I found on the Internet was:

    Anyone have more info on this community outside from their web page? :?:

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    Re: Puti Meditation Dharma

    Hi everybody,

    A VERY STRONG CAUTION: any Dharma or so called Dharma practice that advertise health, wealth or anything of the kind is very likely to be a huge fraud. Full stop. Sorry guys, but if you want to beleive in Santa Claus, that's the way to go for. That's what many modern religions sell. Zen, doesn't sell anything, doesn't make any promise except maybe: YOU ARE GOING TO LOOSE !!! Loose a lot of your misconceptions about yourself and others, loose your beloved expectations in a better future and a greater life, simply because it teaches you to open your eyes on reality, things as they are. No sprititual greed in true Zen, no escape, no Buddhadisneyland.

    What I have seen of this on internet is enough.

    Please get familiar with Trungpa's teachings about spiritual materialism.



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    Re: Puti Meditation Dharma

    Thank you, Taigu!


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