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    The Center Within -

    At a my locally owned bookstore, they have started to add more Buddhist books...strangely categorized under "New Age".... :| ...I digress...One book I just bought last nite:

    The Center Within (Paperback)
    ~ Gyomay Kubose (Author)

    I found very little in so far as in depth bio on Kubose. Anyone have a link on him I could peruse?

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    Re: The Center Within -

    Hello Erik!

    Maybe checking out this site will help:

    His son has his own youtube channel, I only ever got round to watching one clip, but he came across as being very warm hearted (which obviously doesn't really have to mean anything with regards to the quality of his teachings).



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    Re: The Center Within -


    My nemesis Jundo was faster than me!!!!



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    Re: The Center Within -

    This is sort of in my "neck of the woods". Perhaps when the weather arounds here clears, I can take a drive to Evanston and check them out.



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