I would like to add to what Jundo has to say about giving. I bumped recently on statements in various forums and on youtube of people saying for instance :

Hi and i have checked out Treeleaf and i have to say its a good place to read life's questions and problems from all walks of life... and thank goodness its free.
there are other sites with links on you tube and in the end, it comes down to money for help.
i dont like it when its money involved, because really, would buddha charge? money for his words of help?
Jundo is giving most of his time to this sangha, serving the community and making it possible. It does not come free. I am working very hard and give a lot of my time to Treeleaf for free. I find this kind of statement above insulting the Three Jewels. Even Buddha need to make a living. He-she needs food in the bowl. This teaching is NOT FREE. If you really practice without the mind of a thief or a fox, then you will have to loose big deal. Loose money, loose beliefs and habits, loose cherished thoughts and give, give, give yourself away. Your dollars and euros should go to help people, but that is easy, hands on is the way. If you think you can get cheap Dharma, second hand teachings, or bargains, then that's exactly what you will get. For what is really priceless, you have to pay the price. If you are serious about your practice, then, please wake up to people around you needing help. If not, you are just behaving like a spiritual materialist or a very sad opportunist. Why don't you let compassion meet wisdom? Prajna by itself is dry and useless. Reflect on this, please.