I don't think that they are Zen monks (Shingon and J˘do Shinshű, I think), but it makes no difference really. These days, the temples and monks are pretty much interchangeable here in Japan ...

And the alcohol? Well, one Precept advices not to "sell alcohol". But here, lots of monks drink (and serve alcohol to guests), eat meat, get married ... Personally, I am an "all things in moderation, avoiding excess" kind of guy.

I have been thinking of doing something like this with a Zen coffee/tea house here, no alcohol.

Gassho, Jundo

Japanese monks serve up alcohol and hip hop music to lure in followers

Tokyo, Japan (CNN) -- The Buddhist religion has largely remained the same over the past few centuries, but a group of monks in Japan are spicing things up by turning to alcohol and rap music to lure in followers.

The monks are calling it Buddhism 2010.

Kansho Tagai, who is a Buddhist monk, believes it's time to change for the future and doesn't mind if it means dropping the chants and bringing on the rap music.
http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/0 ... l?hpt=Sbin