For Christmas this year my wife got me a students oryoki set o/
For my "Right This Moment Not A Resolution Just Change", I decided to eat an oryoki lunch every day at work. Why? Why not :P


I decided to do so to curb my monstrous (in portions and quality of nourishment) eating habits while at work. I decided on only brown rice and curried stir steamed veggies and dropped the pop for tea. In addition to a healthier lunch im getting a full lunch period, mostly uninterrupted and i manage to get an extra sitting in a day (a good thing too since mornings are proving less fruitful!

Other bonuses of this have been lots of needed oryoki practice of course im still and elephant on a unicycle- oh and folks have also stopped interrupting my lunch too. I never said a word or even closed my office door (not that it ever stopped anyone - all glass doors and 2 giant windows with no blinds ). Its been going well and Its making a difference in my day to day operations at work...im much more...um approachable and definately a bit more energetic then with the normal junk lunch in rush.

So I've been reviewing the steps and re watched the Zazenaki prep videos and such to help out. In my travels i found a helpful little pdf booklet 48 pages long on oryoki as well. I found it helpful so i thought id pass it along. May not have the best way of doing things... i really couldn't tell you as im a complete newb but its worth a peek. Perhaps Jundo or Taigu, you could say for sure - any who here is the link : http://www.upaya.org/teachings/oryoki-instructions.pdf