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Thread: Trusting the practice

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    Trusting the practice

    This is important, I think.

    We're always trying to either manipulate our situation or manipulate our view of the situation so that we have control. This simply doesn't work in Zen practice...

    Drop, drop, drop again...and then, who's dropping? What exactly is this? You can't be an observer, the observer is control.

    IMHO...just a thought and now it goes...


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    Re: Trusting the practice

    a good thought...



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    Re: Trusting the practice

    Hi Chet and all,

    A very good point...I often whisper to myself...let it be, or let it go. Too often, I forget that I am not in charge of the universe and I can't control every thing in my life. :wink: Dropping, dropping, dropping.

    Thank you for the reminder,

    Kelly -Jinmei

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