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Thread: Nanquan's sickle capping verse

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    Nanquan's sickle capping verse


    Due to a discussion with a great friend of mine, and his wanting to keep everything public, i am posting this here, for all to ponder.

    Don't be deluded by the words
    "the great way."
    Realize that it is nothing other
    than what you do from morning till night.
    - dogen, case 154, Nanquan's sickle , the true dharma eye

    If it is not other than what you do from morning till night, what is left?


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    Re: Nanquan's sickle capping verse

    Hi Fugen
    Thank you for this simple but profound post. Do you think it was what Dogen meant when he said, " I have returned from China empty handed" :?:
    gassho zak

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    Re: Nanquan's sickle capping verse


    Jundo has a talk about that one here ... a-vii.html

    And as he quotes (from Bendowa)

    I have come back empty-handed. I have realized only that the eyes are horizontal and the nose is vertical
    Or (also bendowa)

    When you let go, the dharma fills your hands
    But as a another one i heard:

    "If you have nothing and take away nothing, what do you have?


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