I understand the method of meditation that is perferred is shikantaza, so I went out and purchased a copy of John Daido Loori's "the art of just sitting" and I have been reading through it trying to grasp how to do this style of meditation. I am only in the first few chapters and there is a lot being said about "thinking about non-thinking" and this confuses me. Do we try not to have thoughts, keep a clear mind, or do we simply let thoughts just go by, don't acknowlege them. Or is the point to at all time be consentrating on not thinking at all. Like keeping a very quiet note to your self, "don't think" actively trying to remove thoughts as they arise? I am used to insight mediation where everything is labeled, (ie:"thinking" "tingling") so that will be a hard habit to break, but I am confused by the no thinking issue and how that plays out in the process of meditation.