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Thread: Retreat odds?

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    Retreat odds?


    Since Emma and Filur is away over christmas i will hold an retreat (read do the last retreat over again) starting tomorrow (24 dec) at 15.00 (3 in the afternoon) my time ending 25 december at 19.00.
    I will make a note in the sitting schedule of the start and stop times.
    If you would like to join me in sitting please make a note in the sitting schedule, so i can be online.


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    Re: Retreat odds?

    I will be travelling tomorrow and with family on the 25th. However, weather permitting I should be on the plane at 16:00 tomorrow so will join you but from the air.

    I hope it goes well



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    Re: Retreat odds?

    Fugen, I'll also be retreating 12/24-25, pretty much in sync with you, I think. I'll start at 6AM local time tomorrow, which I am guessing is ?PM time there in Sweden. But I will be (non)watching the videos and not in the hall, and I don't know how to make both work at the same time, but I'll be sitting with you and (non)thinking of you,,, along with everyone else, of course.

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