On this, the recognition day of old Shakyamuni Buddha's
seeing directly the morning star,
We offer flowers, incense, candle light, and tea
as an expression of gratitude for the old teacher.
We have recited "Shakymuni Buddha" from The Record of Transmission of Light. We now dedicate all benefits from this to: The great teacher, Shakyamuni Buddha
The first master in China, Bodhidharma
The first master in Japan, Eihei Dogen
To Mahaprajapiti and all great practitioners
whose names have been left unsung
To Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, triple treasures in the ten directions and all arahats and bodhisattvas.
May the power of their liberating wisdom direct
the wandering-in-circles world
toward the peaceful Buddha land
And may the power of their inspiration
and their peaceful hearts
lead wandering beings to enter the authentic path.
We aspire to turn the Dharma wheel unceasingly
and to free the world from every tragedy
of war, epidemic, natural disaster and starvation.
All buddhas throughout space and time,
All honored ones, bodhisattvas, mahasattvas
Wisdom beyond wisdom, mahaprajnaparamita.


Forgot to give proper citation to the above text. Apologies to original author and all.