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Thread: Nagarjuna lecture

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    Nagarjuna lecture

    Hello Folks!

    For those of you interested in an in-depth discussion of certain aspects of Nagarjuna's works, I would like to recommend the podcast found at the following site: ... t-ind.html

    Jan Westerhoff also published a comprehensive guide to Nagarjuna's philosophy. On the downside, it's pretty academic and was not written by someone whose main interests are dharma-practice....on the's pretty academic



    P.S. And don't forget to sit with all these highly intellectual vibes floating around

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    Re: Nagarjuna lecture

    Thanks Hans for the podcast, I'll go for it!



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    Re: Nagarjuna lecture

    Thanks for the info....always looking for quality podcasts on Buddhism. This one looks like a gem!

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    Re: Nagarjuna lecture

    FYI there is even a slide show you can download with this Podcast

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