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    One teacher (Rev. Bob McNeil) I have sat with for years was asked "what is your lineage" (He and I both had as our first teacher, Matsuoka Roshi when he had his Zen Buddhist Temple of Long Beach on Magnolia Street).

    His answer was 'you.'

    At the word lineage usually we go upstream, to the source of from whom, from whom from whom back to Shakyamuni and before.

    But lineage is right now: you.

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    Re: Lineage

    Keishin, thank you.

    Sweet words. True words. And yet...

    "But" is extra. Lineage is you. Indeed. Lineage is also the bloodline. It is both. Mysterious. So obvious that it is mysterious.

    and yes, Keishin, your virtual reality, his, hers, mine...internet. All virtual yet all real.

    Cannot be taught on the internet?

    Wake up!

    ( let's wake up together, shall we?)



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