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Thread: Legs Sleeping

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    Legs Sleeping

    Hello again sangha,

    How do you all cope or deal with your legs falling asleep? My leg fell asleep today so badly I couldn't hardly stand much less do any walking meditation. It happens to me every time but today was particularly bad. Thx.

    _/_ Nate

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    Re: Legs Sleeping

    Legs sleeping...Well, for me it still does it. Of course I don't take twenty minutes to get back on my feet but it is still there after all these years. How do I deal with it? I stand up without rushing using my zafu and bending over it, as I do I kill two birds with one stone: I puff my zazu up again making it more compact and round again, I gently stretch my legs and allow them to wake up. Then you may go into kin in. The idea isnot to mind too much. With practice and time these sleepy legs will not last long anymore, at times they will disappear.



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    Re: Legs Sleeping

    We have had a few very good threads in the past on this issue. Have a look here ... some great tips courtesy of Rev. Nonin of the Nebraska Zen Center ...


    Is you underwear too tight, your pants pinching your upper thigh or circulation? Have you tried moving slightly (a half inch) back or forward on the Zafu when sitting down? If it happens to me, I sometimes just take a moment to lean, and put my weight, a bit to the left or right (taking my weight off the tingling leg until the circulation returns. Actually, it is probably pressure on the sciatic nerve more than the circulation).

    If sitting Zazen in the middle of a period, also you can give a little Gassho and gently change position.

    Also, about posture in general, one limitation (about the only one) of this Sangha is I cannot adjust your sitting position. If anyone is having trouble with sitting, and aspires to one of the Lotus Postures, the Burmese or the like ... I do frequently recommend a consultation at the local Yoga studio. My only caution is to bring your Zafu as ( I believe my understanding is correct) the typical Yoga version of those postures often is with the butt directly on the floor or on a very small support ... which is rather different. Make sure that the teacher knows about the Zafu.

    Here is also a detailed post on finding the position right for you ...


    Let us know if the above tips get you "back in circulation".

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Legs Sleeping

    Thanks for the replies!

    _/_ Nate

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    Re: Legs Sleeping

    sometimes i just shift the position, with little fuss, others i just let it go and take my time getting up, shift out my legs then i usually i count the breaths at the end, maybe two or three rounds of 10 counts, and it seems to be all good by then

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    Re: Legs Sleeping


    Why not sit on a stool. This puts your feet flat on the ground, (knees should be apart so you get a nice solid tripod).


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