After zazen this afternoon I went outside for a cig. As I was smoking I reminded myself to be mindful while I was out there.

I took some slow deep breaths.Felt that zazen groove coming back. And I just the zone so to speak..with various things. The grass...the pond outside..
Just stood with them, dropping all thoughts of this or that.

I began to feel a loving peace within myself.And after i focused my attention on say the grass.. It seemed like they were radiating this same loving peace as well. Each little blade seemed ..different.. not like a "mass of grass" but individual blades all full of love. Other weeds and such in the yard, all full of love.

I switched my view to the pond, after a few moments same thing.

Came back inside, sat with my computer speakers..monitor, desk. Little odds and ends on the desk. And after a few moments, each thing seemed to stick out more. Radiating this same loving kindness.

Normal? or No? Thoughts?

Dave _/_