In sitting this evening, my mind was filled with clouds. But the clouds were the teachers just as the open sky was a teacher.

Sparked by natezenmaster's post, my mind had problems settling down. But I learned a few things of a personal nature. Blogged em. then while I was showering and reflecting on the blog post I took it a step further. My own exprience expanded into something else.

We're all selfish.All of us, denying it is useless. We do something for someone else and we call it non-selfish. but in the end it's still selfish because it's the decision we chose. The decision we wanted to make, or else we would have come to a different decision.

Say you don't want to have to give a ride home to someone, but then you give them the ride home. We made the decision ourselves to do that. We say we did something against our own wishes but we didn't. If we really didn't want to give them a ride home we would have said "No". Say we did it because we thought it would be good to show compassion. We have determined previously we want to be compassionate. We tried to see the silver lining in getting something we want to make up for doing something we don't want. But if what we want is compassion then compassionate actions IS what we want. Otherwise we don't want to be compassionate.

Our making the selfish decision to be compassionate is really no different then someone making the selfish decision not to be. It's just judgement and mental clatter that makes us think it's any different. We're still being selfish.It's our own perceptions that make us think selfishness is one thing instead of seeing it for what it is.

We make the decisions choices and accept the values we want all the time, and call the person that doesn't share that view of what we hold dear..selfish, or uncaring.

So in clinging to this idea that it's any different from anyone or anything else is just another boundary of seperation.

It's all judgements, it's all blindness.

Someone saying my Way is wrong is no different from me thinking my Way is right..Just a decision.

It really just appears that we're different but we're really all just doing the same thing and saying. "NO! I'm different !"

All is the Way and not the Way. Because there is no Way and there is a Way.

It's all just.......

Dave _/_