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Thread: rakusu sewing and jukai

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    rakusu sewing and jukai

    We would really like people to participate a bit more to the precepts and rakusu threads. I am surprised to hear so litlle about you,folks. Is all going well? What are up to with your sewing? Please, share your progress, and why not, post a few pictures of your sewing adventure. This interaction is also part of the journey, it is like being all together in a sewing room. Last year, the place was bubbling with posts and talks and questions...Let s give some life, shall we?




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    Re: rakusu sewing and jukai

    Haven't had much to tell on the rakusu front. Hard squeezing it in time wise. But did just throw a lil update up there.

    Still working on the readings for the Precepts 3 thread. I did notice alot of it seems to be just putting out our ideas on the readings, not so much intermingled discussion and commentary.

    Dave _/_

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    Re: rakusu sewing and jukai

    Hey all.

    I have not begun to sew just yet. I plan on completing the rakusu over my holiday break which starts in early December. I have been reading and commenting on the jukai threads when I get a moment but I am a student of my university first . Come December (I have about a month off for break) I will be a lot more active and will most likely be asking tons of questions about the sewing aspect. I have not sewn since I was in home economics in eighth grade (I was thirteen). So I know I will be a bit rusty with a needle and thread. But I am looking forward to it and I really appreciate all the help from the videos and others in this sangha on the topic of sewing.

    I sit with you all as much as possible even if I am not in the zen hall. You cannot imagine the help you have all been. So thank you all. *Insert Kyle getting sappy :roll: *


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    Re: rakusu sewing and jukai

    I bought my fabric and thread and I'm trying to watch the first couple of videos so I can get started. Going to cut out some front panel pieces shortly and try to stitch them together.
    You'd think with my experience with tying sutures I could pull this off but a surgical knot tied with a hemostat is a totally different thing!
    You sure I can't just tie a mattress suture and stop the bleeding instead?

    I'll happily photograph and upload my disaster as soon as I have something to show.


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    Re: rakusu sewing and jukai


    Hijacking the thread a bit to say that i have started sewing, and all is well...


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    Re: rakusu sewing and jukai

    Discovered the hard way that sewing brown thread with brown fabric is a one way ticket to the Buddhist hell of 10,000 crossed eyes.
    Got to head back to JoAnn's Fabric store for some yellowish or white thread...

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    Re: rakusu sewing and jukai

    haven't checked in for a bit...what's going on with jukai?

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