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Thread: Yom Kipur

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    Yom Kipur

    today was Yom Kipur.
    in case none of you are familiar with Jewish tradition ( not that i am great scholar of Jewish theology ) i will explain what it means.

    yom kipur is the most holy of all Jewish holidays. it is a day of redemption and atonement... "kipur" actual means atonment in hebrew and "yom"
    means day. it is a day where Jews fast and pray and ask god to for forgiveness. but more people ask forgiveness from each other.

    i personally thing it is a beautiful tradition. yet sometimes i think i might be taken out of proportion, personally i dont really uphold it since i believe that we should ask for forgiveness each time one is needed and not wait for a special day in order to do so. and another thing i am a bit revolted by is the fact i see many people act in a harmful self serving ways, being mean, and all our right bad ( i know i am not the right person to decide what is right or wrong ). and yet go to a synagogue and act all righteous thinking all would be forgiven.

    yet i must say it is a beautiful idea...
    so in that spirit i will ask all of you here in treeleaf to forgive me if i have ever been rude or unkind in my post or have ever made you uncomfortable... and most importantly that i dont always read all the post ( i really do with i could read everything everyone writes ).

    Gassho, Dojin ( asking for absolution ).

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    Re: Yom Kipur


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    Re: Yom Kipur

    Yes, Shalom to all my Jewish friends.

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    Re: Yom Kipur

    Hey Dojin,

    Happy Yom Kipur...if that's a proper way to say it. Glad to see you here after everything that was going on some months ago over there. And if my blessing can provide you with any absolution, you certainly have it.


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    Re: Yom Kipur

    We should all forgive others, and forgive ourselves from time to time.

    All while reflecting (honestly and deeply) and learning from the harms we may have caused in the past, and committing as we can to act in beneficial ways for the future.

    Every moment of each day is "Yom Kipur"(the Day of Atonement) and "Rosh Hashanah" (the New Year)

    (one of those formuli that sounds good on paper, but takes a lifetime of day by day practice)

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Yom Kipur

    Thanks Jundo for your pearls of wisdom.
    it does take a life time to understand and to actually implement.

    Gassho, Daniel.

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