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Thread: Sewing Questions

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    Sewing Questions

    HI All,

    If you have any sewing questions for me (your Schmata Yenta (yiddish for "rag busybody") please PM me and I will answer you personally and post the reply on the list in case the info might be useful to other people.

    I am moving, etc, do I may not catch your question in a timely manner, but the PM will relay a message to my email so I will see it quicker.

    yours in stitching,

    for people new to Jukai this year, a Treeleaf tradition is that the rakusu is known here as the "dishcloth of enlightenment" (per a story from Martin).

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    Re: Sewing Questions

    Hi Jinho,

    I am confident I will be looking to you for sewing help(!) in the coming weeks (perhaps months ). I feel better already!


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    Re: Sewing Questions

    Thanks in advance, Jinho. : )

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    Re: Sewing Questions

    Thanks Jinho.

    I will have the Jukai Precepts and Sewing threads (the "Thread thread") open at the end of this week ... and we will celebrate with a visit to Treeleaf Tsukuba by Taigu for a couple of days ... and a short, special Zazenkai (probably 2-hour) on Sunday led by him.

    Be there or be there (for where else can one be)?

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    Re: Sewing Questions

    Thank you Jinho,

    your help is very precious to all.



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    Re: Sewing Questions

    After getting all the pieces measured and cut, this isn't looking like as daunting a task as I'd feared. I did some sewing, practicing on a scrap because I'd never seen Taigu's technique before, and I think I'm getting the hang of it. Maybe I'll be singing another tune down the road... The biggest obstacle is going to be going slow and being mindful of each stitch instead of just trying to get through it as fast as I can, I think. The videos and pdf files are very helpful, thanks to everyone for the advice and opportunity!

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