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    You know...

    There are a lot of guys/gals (if I may say) who are quite worth listening to around here. I on the other hand I am full of , you know. But that's ok because that's practice. Not ok in the sense that "I can be an idiot whenever I like", but OK like "Keep at it." "What are you getting all uppity about?" "The way is easy. We don't have to throw in some flash."

    But that's practice. That's why we're here, Practice, and we keep doing it. We must be crazy.

    I digress:
    The way is easy. It is, but we don't realize it so much (well, maybe some of us) and that's what the Buddha is giving us. An easy thing to do. The fish in water, and bird in air. But what can you say? The way is difficult only because we "think" it is. This one (me/I) has a habit of trying. Always trying, but not "just". But hey! What can you do? C'est la vie. Practice. That's where we are getting at it. That's where we shine forth.

    Anyway. This post isn't a grand declaration or a Gold embalmed soliloquy. Though it is a post, and as such, it ends.



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    Re: You know...

    But it never began in the first place. LOL. Sorry had to.

    Valid points though. In trying we forget to do. I should have listened to Master Yoda better when I was a kid. The profundity of it, ya know.

    And for the record, i like what ya say. and in a small way look up at you as one of the wiser folks i've met.

    Which of course isn't to diminish anyone else here in anyway. I like reading everyone.

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