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Thread: Sat. 4hr Zazenkai

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    Sat. 4hr Zazenkai

    As I was not able to sit the 4hrs. Sat. I will be doing that today in the Zen Hall starting in about 45 min. ( I scheduled the 4 hour blocks and see two others scheduled during that time). That will be Noon-4pm CST. So if anyone likes feel free to pop in and sit with me.

    Dave _/_

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    Re: Sat. 4hr Zazenkai

    dave - well you know i'm gonna be in there a bit -- it's so cool to look at the schedule, and see it full up like that, knowing that anytime i want, i can just go in there and take my cushion with other members of the sangha -- very close to the experience of a physical hall -- not to be disruptive, but on longer retreats i've been on, it was considered ok to enter, and leave, the hall at whatever time, as long as one is quiet about it -- of course, being quiet is not an issue here, and usually folks have the screen off to the side

    gassho, roky

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    Re: Sat. 4hr Zazenkai

    It was great to see ya, roky. And a pleasure to sit with Fugen, Irina and charles as well.

    I sat with Fugen the other morning, a surprise visitor( wasn't sure who it was till today so thnx Fugen..and never a need to worry about lil Filur interrupting).

    But I do get great joy from sitting with someone for the first time.

    Dave _/_

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    Re: Sat. 4hr Zazenkai

    I like the talk at the end. and no Jundo I don't think what goes on here is Zen Lite. The depth of one's practice is really up to them and will vary from individual to individual.

    I enjoyed the sit. Being undisciplined I had to take a few breaks. But I sat it the whole way through. This is of course, my first 4 hour Zazenkai.

    When you mentioned doing one last sit. If we had it in us. I thought " I ran out of sit power 30-45 minutes ago". But then I sat, so proved myself wrong?*shrug*

    Dave _/_

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