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Thread: Nice Geeks cast

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    Nice Geeks cast

    Thought this was kind of interesting. It's mostly questions and responses about this particular individuals experiences, But I think the last few minutes are exactly the kind of thing we seem to be discussing here in this Sangha and especially now with Ango. ... -life/play

    Dave _/_

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    Re: Nice Geeks cast

    Perhaps find a way to contact him and ask him ? Perhaps his Zen name is different and he chooses to live by another name instead of his birth name. If he did definitely give himself the name at least he has one he likes. LOL.

    I'm new to the Way so am not yet familiar with too many personalities of Zen or Buddhism in general. so I wouldn't know if it was in the nature of someone to give what kind of name.

    The podcast just seemed of interest so I listened to him and thought what he offered was good.

    Dave _/_

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    Re: Nice Geeks cast

    Thanks Dave, for the link, I will give a little listen when I grab a few spare minutes.

    On the topic of his name. In my book a name is just a name. My birth name is Kyle, my friends call me Slim, or Ky Ky. (actually that one was only used by a special someone ). My Mom calls me Honey, unless mad. My Dad calls me Pal. So I guess I have a few names. But does it matter what anyone calls me. Does that really change the person that I am?


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    Re: Nice Geeks cast

    Al, I'm kinda with Ky Ky ( sorry couldn't resist). To me it's just a whatever. If someone chooses a name that they better feel represents who they are I just can't find an issue. If they choose a name so it sounds cool so they can market spirituality..well that's different.

    In other forms of spirituality. Specifically certain branches of paganism/neo-paganism the person can be given a name or choose their own craft name. That's why certain authors always have these new agey sounding names. But there is a spiritual basis behind it.

    Perhaps before he came to the Way, he had different beliefs ? Maybe he just wanted to make the change*shrugs*. Who am I to judge?

    But I think I understand where you're coming from and hold nothing against you. I used to be the type to want to be the tomato thrower at that type of person ( if they struck me as fake anyways).

    _/_ Dave

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    Re: Nice Geeks cast

    Great message about how life fills meditation and meditation fills life, but it was a looooong time getting there.

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