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Thread: Just a sewing tip

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    Just a sewing tip

    Noticed the Rakusu thread was closed, so I'll post this here.

    Not an expert sewer or anything, but if you have material that doesn't have a straight edge to measure from, you can grab a CD case or something with a 90 degree angle and use that as a start.


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    Re: Just a sewing tip

    Sewing Tip #2: if you're making your rakusu out of cast-off heavy almost-denim dress pants, you may need a pair of pliers to push the needle through 3 or 4 layers of fabric. I know pliers were invented after Shakyamuni's day, but I think he would understand.

    My thumb hurts.


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    Re: Just a sewing tip

    That's a good one.

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    Re: Just a sewing tip

    Excellent tips Will and Tobishi!
    One stitch after another, a stitch at a time, no hurry, no aim, just doing it; maybe a mug next to you, a glass of water or some tea.
    And yes, spray the fabric with water , steam it and iron it. Nothing works best.
    Making this useless garb is another expression of the fact that we give up any idea of completion, enlightenment or fulfillment. It takes so long that you cannot possibly think that you will finish it one day. The thing is, in order to complete the task you need to give up the idea that you will get there. When I strat a kesa it is like entering an endless retreat and I am going through a lot of bumps and difficult-happy patches, but the key is to totally release any expection of completing it. At that point, it almost does itself. Well, nearly :wink: ...



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    Re: Just a sewing tip

    spray the fabric with water
    That's a good one.

    iron it
    I don't have an iron, so instead I use a pile of books and some rocks. Works well.


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