Hello Jundo and all,

Jundo, thank you for the reminder on reciting the meal chant...I really needed it. I seem to forget too often, but have now written the meal chant on an index card and placed it on the table. I will try to do better with this.

I have been sitting everyday and have managed to maintain my "no peanut butter" rule - it's especially hard to resist while packing my sons' lunches for school. However, my boys know that I have given up peanut butter and watch me like a hawk to make sure I don't cheat. :lol: But I've maintained.

I am reading the Shobogenzo, although I don't always post. I also follow the daily sittings on Beliefnet before I sit each day. I'm not very active on the forum, but I do check in daily. This goes along with trying to stay off my computer and be more engaged in the world around me. I've completed a few of the weekend zazenkai - the recorded versions though...and usually a few days later. I would like to commit to them all, but my children are in sports activities on the weekends and I'm job hunting...excuses, I know but this is the best I can do at this time.

I'm trying to open my heart more to strangers and acquaintenances (who I have a difficult time with)- and I practice Metta daily. I'm looking forward to beginning the precepts study period again with all of you.

Keep sitting, keep smiling, keep practicing...
Kelly (Jinmei)