I'm struggling with a somewhat sensitive issue and changed my mind several times about starting this thread but here goes. I have suffered a variety of emotional problems throughout my life and have never been in a loving or stable relationship with anyone. Since I became a buddhist several years ago I've decided to follow the third precept as best I can and have chosen not to have sex until I was in a relationship with someone I loved and have therefore been celibate for a number of years.

lately however, for the past 8 months or so, I have really struggled with sex and sexual desire. to be blunt, I'm plagued/obsessed by thoughts of sex. I've tried to let things be thinking they would pass in their own time but I no longer think I can, and nor do I feel I should continue to fight/not fight what is a natural human impulse.

I feel my choices boil down to the lesser of two "evils". a sexual but loveless relationship or sex with a prostitute. either way I think it's a lose/lose situation and I'd like to know what others think.