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    Travels too

    Hi everybody,

    I will be away from the 29th to mid August, going to France with my sweet family ( picture below) and spending some time on the Riveria. May bump into Brad Pitt, Depp and other celebrities :P , will certainly eat a lot of fish and drink some fine wines ,then move to Paris and then meet my old mum in the North of France. No surfing planned but much fun anyway. Sitting at a nice terrace of a typical French cafe in front of a great express reading Le Monde or Liberation. Starting my next novel, maybe. Writing cheap poetry on my new toy, a great Ipod touch.I will give everybody a rest with my boring posts and dull teachings for a while. I will also give myself a rest but will still be teaching a very stubborn and stupid bearheaded guy. Will share my sitting with a few cows in the green meadows of my native land where butter, cheese and beer are equisite. I will also start to cut fabric for a new kesa and design a new set of sewing lessons, it is very difficult to make sewing on line clear and understandable but will give it my best shot. Have a great time whoever and wherever you are!!!



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    Re: Travels too

    Dear Taigu
    Have a wonderful time in rest and play with your dear ones and thank you so much for your beautiful and inspiring teachings ... they carry on spouting shoots even as you rest.

    Greetings and gassho

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    Re: Travels too

    Gee, if I may say ...the 'Continentals' know how to travel. I am today in a State Park, with wood cabins, on the rainy, mosquito infested side of Mauna Loa. Dinner was burned rice and seaweed balls. (Not that we are staying in this park every night ... my wife and son would leave me :shock: )

    Anyway, it reminds me when I visited 'Les Sangha' of some of Nishijima Roshi's successors in France a few years ago. After the morning Zazen, this FANTASTIC lunch was served (3 types of quiche, and that was just for openers ... I can't even describe desert :P ). All that good food sure made me wobbly for the afternoon Zazen that followed.

    It was much the same for my wife's Ai-ki-do group in France, except they added wine to the midday meal. That's fine, except sword practice followed soon after.

    When we then went on to the UK, the food served was notoriously bad. However, that may have certain benefits for Practice. :wink:

    Gassho, J

    PS - I have come to Hawaii to fulfill my lifelong dream to watch hot lava pour into the ocean.Turns out that the volcano decided to extinquish itself (or nearly so) about a week before our arrival. The only thing I can see red and glowing are the coals on our campfire. Something about a deflation-inflation event. Oh well, in this practice, we take our Volcanoes ...and all of life ... as they come.

    I am not sure exactly what the following means ... but I think it means no lava ...

    KILAUEA VOLCANO (CAVW #1302-01-)
    Current Aviation Color Code: ORANGE
    Current Volcano Alert Level: WATCH

    Activity Summary for past 24 hours: The Halema`uma`u Overlook vent remained dark; sulfur dioxide emission rates from Halema`uma`u and Pu`u `O`o vents were elevated; lava from east rift zone vents flows through tubes to the ocean at one location west of Kalapana; surface flows are active on the pali.

    Past 24 hours at Kilauea summit: No lava or glow has been visible within the Halema`uma`u Overlook vent since the July 4 DI event. This morning, the plume appears a bit thicker and is moving toward the southwest. Rockfalls continue to occur inside the vent cavity with three notable events this morning between midnight and 4 am. Small amounts of ash-sized rock dust, likely the result of occasional rock falls, continue to be carried with gases out of the vent. ... status.php

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    Re: Travels too


    An important thing to remeber is that though you may be "away" you're always "Here". :shock:


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    Re: Travels too

    Happy travels! French Beer? :shock:


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    Re: Travels too


    seems summer are really a vacation season, everyone goto vacation
    anyway, enjoy yourself, and got some refreshment!

    gassho, tony yeung

    P.S. you guys are really need to post where you go and what you will do, it make me want a vacation, too.

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    Re: Travels too

    Quote Originally Posted by tonyyeung

    P.S. you guys are really need to post where you go and what you will do, it make me want a vacation, too.
    Just be where you are ... and sometimes that is traveling, sometimes staying home.

    Gassho, Jundo (borrowing internet at the General Store)

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    Re: Travels too

    I love your posts and teachings, Taigu!

    Your wife, on the other hand is FAR too beautiful for an ox like yourself..


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    Re: Travels too

    Your posts are far from boring, sensei... enjoy your visit to France- I'll just wait here in line behind Chet to compliment your good taste in companionship :wink:


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    Re: Travels too

    Taigu, Why is it that I enjoy your boring posts and dull teachings? I have fond memories of the french riviera camped on the beach in a deserted ww2 bunker with my girl Cecille. Enjoy your family vacation, I am enjoying mine in my home near another ocean.

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    Re: Travels too

    Taigu, may you and your family have a safe, great and wonderful trip. Perhaps you can forward a few pics of le gens du mond. Looking forward to being bored and await more dull teachings, all the while sitting in a state of "as-it-isness". Thank you Taigu. Kent

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    Re: Travels too

    Safe travels Sensei...don't have too much fun!

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    Re: Travels too

    Hi Taigu,

    Vive le France!!!

    My wife just happened to read your post, and her spontaneous comment was: "I've got the impression that he loves life."

    Thank you for your teachings, and have a great, safe trip.


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    Re: Travels too

    That sounds like a good trip and a half.
    I have just spent the last three weeks glued to my TV looking at all those beautiful Towns, forests, mountains and people with Le Tour.

    Bon Voyage

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    Re: Travels too

    Thank you so much everybody, it is going to be a nice break. And yes, I really love life...



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    Re: Travels too

    Hello Taigu and all,

    Have a wonderful and safe voyage...I will be waiting for your lovely posts once more...I too look forward for the stories of your travels.

    Jundo - so sorry you missed out on seeing the lava-that truly would have been an experience, but I bet you are enjoying yourself just the same. I wish you and your family a safe return.

    Aaahhh, vacation! We are currently in Virginia Beach enjoying family and the lovely creatures of the sea...I love watching my children delight in their new experiences - that is the best vacation for me. A toast to you all...enjoy being wherever you are...


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    Re: Travels too

    Hi Taigu!

    Have fun with your family in France!
    And if you pass in Belgium when visiting your mum, It'll be a pleasure to drink some belgian beers with you!



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    Re: Travels too

    Safe travels to you, Taigu.


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