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Thread: Sasshu or Isshu?

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    Sasshu or Isshu?

    So last night it struck me while sitting with Ron and the others that I had no idea how to hold my hands for kinhin. Did a quick search and found both sasshu and isshu. Is it just a preferrence which ones we use?


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    Re: Sasshu or Isshu?

    Hi Dave,

    We already have a nice thread on this:


    But I would like to add the following: I practiced isshu for many years, this way being taught in Sawaki Kodo lineage. I find isshu a bit more tense than sasshu. I think you may just pick one up, and stick to it. If you don't know, I would go with the traditionnal sasshu whih appears o me to be more flowing, natural, easy going. Just experiment and see what suits you.



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    Re: Sasshu or Isshu?

    Thanks, Taigu! I wanted to try it both ways before responding , so sorry for the delay.

    I think I like the sasshu a lil more. For exactly what you mentioned. At first Isshu felt a bit more natural. But then I realized sasshu was more relaxed. Appreciate the advice.


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