Perhaps it's better not to write anything at all, but we are people who write and talk. I suppose we could go away and never speak again. That's fine. However, we can also "talk".

Most of the talk on this forum is of "our" practice. What we have experienced and learned. This changes from moment to moment or day to day. The precise thing might be to say "I don't know." and leave it at that. However, we all know that's not the way it is.

What we experience in our practice might be waayyy off. It might be just something that we created like a story. However, our practice tells us what our practice is. We can go off and read a thousand books, and listen to a thousand people, but none of that is useful unless we practice.

We might think we know it all, or we might think we know "something".

Koans. Koans go hand in hand with practice. Not "one hand clapping" but "Koans everywhere". The reason why I talk about Zazen and practice so much is because, if we want to get anywhere (or nowhere) in this practice, we must "start" somewhere.

When ever someone tells you something, that's a Koan. No matter what they say, you can only guess and carry that with you. Perhaps you carry too much. Drop it.

We must remember that we are not speaking to "someone". Then we won't get angry or defensive. And if we are talking to "someone" then take it in an open way with acceptance. Proving your point is useless.

Even through these words, I can't express much. I can't give you my practice. I can only write what I am writing now.

We all experience things in our practice and want to share that with others. However, we can not be "certain" that we are on the same page. I don't know Sh*t. That's ok. Why is that ok? It is ok as long as we keep practicing. You are you. It's important to know that. It's important to know that we can be "strange" and awkward sometimes.

One thing I have learned is that nothing is really that big a deal. Sure we do, and we say save all sentient beings, but it's not a serious issue. It is what it is.

As long as we learn/question, and as long as we practice, everything is fine. What more do we need to do?

Gassho (with humilty)