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Thread: Today's retreat

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    Today's retreat

    When Dogen says sit, he means sit.

    I had moment in today's sitting where I was ready to give up. Not give up on the retreat, but give up on talking and everything. No more posts. No more this or that. Silly boy. Silly, Silly, boy.

    So anyway, in the last half hour someone came and sat with me (I'm not sure who, maybe Taigu). So I sat. I sat with that person, even though I was ready to stop. It's important to give a little.

    All of it dropped off. All the talk and what's left?

    You have to laugh

    It's like a refreshing breeze.

    So Gassho to you, who ever that was, or shall I say nine bows.

    I'm back at it tomorrow.


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    Re: Today's retreat


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