I recently spent the 4th of July holiday in the US hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I thought that I might try to practice some of what Jundo has taught and basic zen teaching that I could recall. Whenever a thought would come up regarding....hmmm..I am really hungry and tired....I wonder what I will have for diner? I would try to watch it pass like a cloud. Luckily, I was outside so I could look to the sky for an example of passing clouds. Doing this when I was aware of the wondering mind was great. When I reached the destination of the hike I sat by the lake and just realized how good of a teacher or example nature is. It seems that much of what zen teaches is written everywhere. There were bugs everywhere fighting to see who could bit me first. Were they being malicious or just doing as they always do and have done? When the storm or avalanche comes up over the peaks....is it out to get Dave? Why do these things happen to me? Ahh....but there is no secret motive or motive at all. Walking in silence with my friend being at peace with my burning legs and rumbling stomach....out it the woods were things just go about there day. It was pretty amazing. It really was a reminder to me about the ego and helped me see a little more of how the drama or theatre we create in our head really hides reality from me. Does anybody else feel that nature and zen can really mirror each other? Or not?