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    Man, you can really think of some weird stuff during retreats. Retreats are good like that. You really dig in. It's not a scratch the surface kind of thing like a single morning sitting. Well, I got to admit...I just went for ice cream and cut my sesh a little early :roll: . I'm cool with that though. I think I'll sit some more today.

    Seeya on the M.E.beam.



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    Re: Retreats

    See ya tomorrow.



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    Re: Retreats

    definitely, things get "interesting" -- and it does help me to do them now and then, cause, as you said, its not the same as the daily sit -- this winter, for the jukai(which i never finished), me and louie the dog went off in the desert for a few days - it was difficult, but i'll definitely be doing it again -- then later i did the 2 weeks at "spirit rock" -- the teacher talked the whole time, and i definitely won't be doing that again -- unless it happens

    well, i did sit with you for the little bit last nite -- had you been watching the screen, of course you weren't, you would have seen me falling over -- but was glad to see you there, and it did encourage me to do a much later sit than usual

    gassho, roky

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