Hi all,

Just a reminder that this month's Zazenkai is this weekend. Here are the details from Jundo on a thread last week:

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The weekly Saturday "Live from Treeleaf" Zazenkai commences from 10 p.m. Japan time (currently New York 9am, Los Angeles 6am, London 2pm and Paris 3pm, Saturday) ... and is one hour long.

The monthly, 4 hour "Zazenkai" is usually on the first Saturday of each month, commences from 9 p.m. Japan time (currently New York 8am, Los Angeles 5am, London 1pm and Paris 2pm, Saturday) ... and continues for 4 hours.

Next week (being the first Saturday in July) is our 4 hour Zazenkai. I hope you can make it.

Of course, all of the above are recorded and sit-able "on demand" for those with special time needs ... so you can join us any time.

Gassho, J
Hope to see some of you there!