I'm thinking of going for a vipassana retreat (http://www.dhamma.org). I haven't been on a meditation retreat before, and the vipassana retreat is most easily accessible from where I am located right now. I was wondering if anyone of you might have experience of vipassana and might have any thoughts on how it compares to your experience of just sitting. I also have this conscious worry about combining meditation techniques, whether it should be done or not done etc.

About my own meditation routine: I spent 3 years trying different meditation techniques with nothing really working. I wouldn't be able to sit for any long period of time at all. One day, after a deep personal crisis, I just completely gave up trying to figure out what meditation about and just sat. From there, it's as if layers and layers have been opening up. From meditating around 10-15 minutes a day, I am now easily able to sustain 60+ minutes of just sitting.

The reason I'm interested in vipassana is that it involves a close examination of sensations. What's interesting for me is that of late, I realize the momentariness and impermanence of thoughts, emotions and sensations even more. Of course, I always 'knew' this, but it's only now, after so long, that I am actually able to see thoughts, sensations and emotions arise and dissolve themselves. Thus, I'm very curious to see how vipassana works.

Do let me know your thoughts & comments!