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Thread: An Opportunity For Practice

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    An Opportunity For Practice

    Don't think of wandering attention or becoming distracted as something to be pushed aside, blocked out, or ashamed of.

    Whether it be during zazen or in daily life, these moments are teachers...something to be cherished.

    For in that moment you have found your practice, again and again, time after time, until there is no time at all.



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    Re: An Opportunity For Practice

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    Re: An Opportunity For Practice

    spot on Dosho, check my latest post about sekito' s poem!



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    Re: An Opportunity For Practice


    All our mind stuff is just the "scenery of zazen." Reality is a unified whole and therefore we cannot separate the stupid babbling of our brains and enlightenment . . . it's all or nothing! That's the "saving all beings" part . . . I think . . .


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