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    Treeleaf Zendo

    I just want to point out that this is an invaluable service being offered here. In our practice it is not necessary, but fulfilling and useful, in a sense, to communicate with other practitioners. For those who would otherwise not have the chance, this is a great place for it.

    A Sangha gives us a chance to share our practice with others. Even if we only say "Hi. How you doing?" or read what some one said. It puts us on the right path.

    A Sangha is a group of people who come together to study and practice the Buddha way. What does that mean? And where does that line get drawn?

    Now, it was mentioned before that this place is "mind to mind", and in this way is not the same as a regular Sangha. Not so. What's central is practice. Of course, sometimes, we have to come back to mind in order to communicate. Dogen showed us that with the Shobogenzo.

    Whether through choice or having no choice, this is Treeleaf Zendo. Doesn't mean anything special or astounding. We don't have to make it a big deal; it is what it is.

    With that said. We don't have to hang around here all the time. We can take breaks and maybe drop it all together. There is no you or me. There is only...what? Exactly.

    As Shunryu once said:

    We should be ready to give up the Zendo.
    But until then...

    And Keishin's word's fit here:

    The Sangha is everywhere
    No separation.



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    Re: Treeleaf Zendo

    I just wanted to point out. This is not a service being offered by Jundo, but a service that is offered by the Dharma. Jundo partakes, as do we all. If it was Jundo's Zendo, then we might as well call it "Jundo's Zendo".

    Don't thank him. Listen to him.

    Gassho _/_


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    Re: Treeleaf Zendo


    Well put.


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    Re: Treeleaf Zendo

    In the few months I've been here, I have definitely benefited. this place is 'flowers in space' which is more than 'mind to mind'. Will, thanks for pointing that out.

    Dogen said: “Natural realization” means enacting causes and accepting effects.
    I just like that line.

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    Re: Treeleaf Zendo

    Nicely said Will, and a great reminder.

    Thank you everyone and everything.


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    Re: Treeleaf Zendo

    Quote Originally Posted by will
    If it was Jundo's Zendo, then we might as well call it "Jundo's Zendo".

    Don't thank him. Listen to him.
    I do[/video]]

    I dig it man...I dig it.... :mrgreen:

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    Re: Treeleaf Zendo

    thanks will. one of your best post i think...

    loved it.

    Gassho, Dojin.

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    Re: Treeleaf Zendo

    Thanks will...

    Gassho, Mujo

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    Re: Treeleaf Zendo

    Hello to you Will and all others posting here!
    You quote me Will--would that quote have been taken from the thread 'Sanghas, Sanghas Everywhere or All The World's A Zendo'?

    I used to think sangha was the only place to support practice
    Now it seems practice prctices itself and supports itself--supports and is supported by everything/everywhere/everyone.

    So one big gassho to the whole shebang!

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