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Thread: The mind returned

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    The mind returned

    The mind likes it. OH YES IT DOES.

    All there is to see is now.
    What are you going on about?
    Let's take a minute.
    Maybe two.
    It doesn't matter.
    It is just this.
    I give you "this".
    This is what?
    More than anything.
    Thanks and so on.

    What the hell do I have to say?
    Hmmmmmm...? Answer.
    Doesn't matter.
    We know it.
    Hands of nothing.
    And this is nothing.
    I will move on.
    And go.
    And walk.
    And take my place
    here and there
    And some say "God bless"
    And some say "Thank you"
    And some might say "nothing"
    And some just...
    So thank you.
    Thank you for what?
    No one to thank.
    Not a single soul.
    And we sit.
    And we indulge.
    Minutes pass.
    Time plays out.
    Waiting for nothing,
    And nothing comes.
    How fortunate we are.
    How resourceful.
    How respectful we are,
    And intuned.

    Ways are ways.
    Days are days.
    Sometimes we cry.
    And traces of life show.
    On others we shoot the moon on a clover,
    Waiting to dance,
    And so on
    Think what you want
    Think what you will
    But as we think about these,
    Time takes it's place on the sidelines.

    Nothing to give.
    Just this.
    Thank you


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    Re: The mind returned

    indeed I see it
    cascades of time frozen
    in the tanden.


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