Well guys, sorry if I haven't been much with you this past week, I have seldom been with myself: 10 to 12 hours of hardwork everyday( teaching), four hours of commuting and five hours of sleep. It is work, sit, sleep for me :? Anyway, soon plenty of time with the summer vacation. By the way thank you all for your very positive comments and input. Before I get my video going, should be done beginning of the summer, and before Jundo and I record a course on sewing the kesa, I would like to make comments on the song of the grass hut poem of Sekito Kisen( next, I will undertake to say a few things about Kesa kudoku, Den E the two chapters of Shobogenzo on the history and meanings of the Okesa). So as from next week I will post a rather long bit of prose about this wonderful and very insightful text, not to explain it, I am no school or literature teacher here, but to give you directions, draw a few parallels between this poem and other texts and teachings of our tradition ( and others, why not) and stimulate discussion and dynamic interaction. I quite like nitpicking ( yes Fugen, I do) but I also appreciate warm-hearted practice. The sharp, brilliant and dry analysis is a skin I did shed, and I will really watch where my words arise from. So be on the watch for the next post and pleaaaaaaaase, feel free to join and say something, wherever it may come from.