In reply to a recent discussion on Shobogenzo:

Practice, as a method, a path, a technique, something to be done, falls short of describing the Eye of the True Dharma.
Yes. This is an important point. What Dogen is pointing to in the Shobogenzo is more than just method. He states that practice is enlightenment. So although one may attain insight, awareness, and Satori. We keep sitting day in and day out. We fold our clothes carefully, and do things with precision; manifesting the Buddha Dharma in each task.

If there is the slightest separation, it's as if heaven and Earth are ripped a part.

Much to talk about, but simple in form.


Something else that pop up was the speculation or judgment of another's practice.

We can't know what anyone is discovering for them self when they sit. Each one of us is Buddha and has the capabilities to manifest the Buddha Dharma in each moment. There is no greater or better. There is no judgment. There is only the manifestation of "this".