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Thread: Suzuki Roshi's transcripts

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    Suzuki Roshi's transcripts

    Hi everybody!

    This is something that you may find interesting, to say the least. The San Francisco Zen Center has a blog of all of the transcripts and audio recordings of talks given by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi :P , following the order in which they were given.



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    Re: Suzuki roshi transcripts

    Oh Thats Awesome!! Thank you for the link Taigu!
    Gassho, Shohei

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    Re: Suzuki roshi transcripts

    Thank you very much! I am just finishing up Not Always So, so this will be great.


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    Re: Suzuki roshi transcripts

    Thanks Taigu



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    Re: Suzuki roshi transcripts

    Yes, Thank You.


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    Re: Suzuki Roshi's transcripts

    Brilliant! 8)

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    Re: Suzuki Roshi's transcripts

    Hi Taigu,

    Whenever I had heard some reference to those archives, I always thought that those at the SFZC were quite privileged to have access to them. Well, of course they were privileged, and now so are we! Thanks very much for pointing this out to us.


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