Am looking for some understanding into a meditation experience I had about 5 years ago.

Without sucking you all into the whole mental process of the time I seemed to hit some sweet spot in meditation ( though I was hardly disciplined in the practice at all. Practice a month or two then stop for a few months then come back only to stop again.) it felt like all things in the universe were both internal and external. An actual feeling of sameness or oneness with all things as opposed to simply accepting the philosophy of things being that way.

I felt like nothing existed but Love and Peace. My wife was just me, the TV and couch were just me. Not just intellectual conjecture but an actual experiencing. Everything was perfect just the way it was. Everything was harmony.

It felt like I was radiating spiritual energy like a nuclear bomb had exploded. Just waves of "something great" flowing off of me and out into everything in the universe only to be returned from all things to me in a simultaneous fashion.

I had been suffering with pretty bad backpain for a few years at the time, and for the first time since the accident I was completely pain free. And negativity free.When I felt this feeling start to subside I could just refocus on my breath and go right back into it. This went on for a day or two.

After that experience I could understand alot of the "flowery" language buddhism often uses and is really why i have an interest in Zen today.

Is this possibly kensho or satori? and what is the difference in the two terms?

Has anyone else had an experience like this, or am I just a bit off upstairs?