I see these things sometimes where people talk about how Zen can be beneficial for attention deficit or something like this.

Perhaps that is true, but Zen is much more than that. It can actually make you worse before you get better. Studying the self, is not for the faint of heart. Effort needs to be put into it on a consistent basis. Before you get better, you might get worse. Fact.

Of course, we can start out looking for something to relieve the stress, but that is not the true fruit of Zen practice. The true fruit of Zen practice is way beyond relaxed and pleasant. The true point of Zen is to look deep. Very deep, and very wide. Wider than us or me. Very Big.

Can you face the most horrible parts of yourself and continue to sit Zazen? Through thick and thin. Wow. Sounds crazy right? Hmmm...


Consistent. Even a little here and there to begin, but don't slack. Don't be happy with just mellow, or just balanced. Don't get content. Look deeper. Practice more as you continue. Build it up. Find yourself a serious practitioner. Find yourself on the "inside" as a monk once called it (When he started Zen he saw all these people who "Got it" who were "On the inside". After years of practice, he noticed that people, who were new to the practice, were looking at him the same way he looked at monks previously "On the inside".)

Take Care