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    Thought it might be a good idea to post our schedules when we sit etc.. Just because :=)


    Morning about 8:30 everyday
    Afternoon/evening varies

    Sat a mini retreat today


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    Re: Schedules

    late evening between 9pm to 11:00 daily (er nightly)
    sometimes a morning sit on the weekends
    lately a few midday sits in warm spring sun thats gathered some strength

    Gassho, Shohei

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    Re: Schedules

    Through the week I will usually sit around nine or ten in the evening for about twenty minutes. This of course depends on the amount of homework and such.

    On the weekends it varies between times. Sometimes in the evening, morning, or afternoon for a varied amount of time depending on if I am doing a regular Zazenkai or the monthly Zazenkai.


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    Re: Schedules

    well, will, back when i was last involved with treeleaf, i most always sat whenever my wife went out the door -- 30-45minutes/sit -- but i also would first put me in on the zen hall schedule, even if my webcam was having technical problems -- it was my way of communicating to you all, in case someone else was also so inclined(but sitting upright, of course) -- and i do see sitting as a form of communication, crazy as that may sound -- for me, it can often pick up where verbal/written discussion leaves off(usually at that lovely point of "contradicting" concepts)

    the schedule for the next several weeks is odd, as we leave in a few days to drive cross country -- up til then it is 6am, arizona time, because my van zendo gets too hot any later than that(which is why we're leaving) -- when i get back east, i have more space, and more internet, so will return to the zen hall, w/webcam, and scheduling online

    as i have often posted, i am a big fan of the zen hall :roll:

    gassho, bob

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    Re: Schedules

    About ever half-moon or so. Unless I've eaten a burrito and am wearing slacks.

    I've stopped timing my sits recently, but I'll prolly go back to a timer at some point.


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    Re: Schedules

    Typically between 6-7pm EST for about 30 min during the week.
    Usually at lunch time 1-2 per week for ~ 20 min during work week.


    PS: Chet--too much information! :lol:

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    Re: Schedules

    Quote Originally Posted by roky

    as i have often posted, i am a big fan of the zen hall :roll:

    gassho, bob
    Really? I hadn't detected that at all...LOL!

    I usually sit in the afternoons for about 25 to 30 minutes when my son is napping. I'd like to sit for a smaller amount of time in the morning and before bed but haven't managed it yet. I've really gotten off track in the last week but as Taigu says, "Happy New Day!"


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    Re: Schedules

    When working day-shift, I sit at 5 am... that's for the next month. While on night shift, it'll be sitting at about 2:30 pm.

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    Re: Schedules

    Evenings between 9 and 10 for about 30 minutes (depending when I can get my kids to actually go to sleep). I've been trying to use the zen hall regularly but my wife and I share one computer so her school work takes precedence.


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    Re: Schedules

    I usually sit at around 8 a.m. for 20 minutes. May be slightly shorter on the weekend, but sometimes I sit a little longer too.

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    Re: Schedules

    Nice to think of you all sitting at your times.

    I sit 8.45am (UK time) every morning, in the office.

    In the evening I sit whenever there's a gap!



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    Re: Schedules

    Hi everybody,

    During the semester: nightly, usually about 9pm for 25-35 mins.
    During the summer: once in the morning and once in the evening.
    I've been trying to extend my sitting times in half-lotus but my leg goes painfully dead asleep at the 25 minute mark, so I'll often switch to Burmese for the last few minutes.


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    Re: Schedules

    I can't wait till I can afford a new cam so I can sit with everyone. I am very random in my personal sitting. Just whenever the mood strikes.

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    Re: Schedules

    During the week, I usually sit for 30 minutes between 6:30-7:30am. On the weekends, it could be at any time, but I try to keep the timing consistent. I really want to get into the habit of attending the Saturday live sittings. I should put a sticky note on my computer to remind myself!

    Reading this thread brought one particular sitting to mind. It was this past winter and the first floor of my house was fairly cold [as it always is in the winter]. While I was getting ready for my morning sit, I grabbed my heavy jacket which was conveniently flung over a nearby chair - I've lived in this house for eleven years and, apparently, I still don't know where the coat closet is. A short while later, my teenage daughter comes down and asks, "Why are you sitting on the floor with your coat on?" My reply, "Because I can." As she left for school, I heard her grumbling, "Just for once, couldn't you try to be normal?!"


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    Re: Schedules

    I sit late morning/early afternoon for 40 minutes. With the Tricycle challenge I added another 20 minutes in the evening, which I don’t always do, but is fairly consistent. I’ve only done one monthly Zazenkai, which I would like to do more often as I believe the extended time is of great benefit. Nevertheless, with family and work commitments I never seem to have blocks of time for sitting.


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    Re: Schedules

    A 10-20 minute segment at some point between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m., eastern Standard time. g, ann

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    Re: Schedules

    Hello all,

    I usually sit between 8:30-9 a.m. or around 1:30-2 in the afternoon. I sit for approx. 30 minutes a session. On the weekends I sometimes sit in the morning between 8:30-9:30, depending if we have family plans for the day or not.

    It is good to sit with you all!

    Kelly (Jinmei)

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    Re: Schedules


    Seem to have settled into about 25 minutes each morning around 9:00am when the sun starts to come through the east facing window. Usually follow with 5 minutes of Kinhin.

    If the West Texas winds are calm will try and get out on the road bike instead of sitting in the morning. Same as sitting….. Long, empty farm to market roads great place to drop everything…

    Have problems sitting in the evening. Tend to nod off easily….guess I need some one with a stick . Sort of given up on evening sitting.

    One thing for sure is that since joining Tree Leaf and with Jundo’s encouragement I have become consistent in sitting each day.


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    Re: Schedules

    with Jundo’s encouragement I have become consistent in sitting each day.
    Except for when your riding a bike :?


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    Re: Schedules

    Ok, "almost consistant" ops:

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    Re: Schedules

    Ok, "almost consistant

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