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Thread: Knowing not knowing

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    Knowing not knowing

    Know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.
    Know that each moment is a chance to drop everything.
    Like luggage that's been following you around for decades.

    Don't say sorry. Practice.

    "You think too much right?"
    That's what some people say. Drop thinking.
    How in the hell do you drop it?
    Balance Bodymind out.
    Find that space where everything comes and goes, and you are it.

    If it's closed, open it.
    If it's open, open further.
    Words of wisdom.
    But don't try.
    Let it open gently.

    The Buddha (or whoever wrote that stuff) wasn't kidding when they said "Be mindful of mental states. Be mindful of the four covering"

    One views whatever come up as that.
    When Torpor arises, one knows that torpor is present. One doesn't try to get rid of it. One only notices. When tension arises, one notices tension. One doesn't try to get rid of it.

    Viewing things like this, we study the self. Studying the self we find that our experience begins to open. We are more centered, and balanced. We notice more, and things drop away.

    Someone said something about balance before in reply to something I posted:

    "I didn't know balance was the new enlightenment"
    (a little sarcastic).

    But in a way, balance is close to what we are shooting for.

    Balance = dropping. Balance = this moment as it is. Balance = open.

    Call it whatever you like.

    Almost everything we do is habit. For example: At this time of day I think about this. In this type of situation, I react this way. It's all habit. Drop it and open.

    Don't argue about it. It has absolutely nothing to do with anybody else.

    Don't fool yourself thinking you get it. Because getting it is included in it. It's like air. Air is everywhere and around everything. So is practice. Practice includes whatever it is. If it's thought, that is included. If it's pain, that is included. If it's sound, that is included.

    However, one can't really experience it until you manage to let Bodymind settle and stop trying.


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    Re: Knowing not knowing

    Thank you very much for that Will.

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    Re: Knowing not knowing

    balance = sitting zazen = flies = balloons floating away from the fists of crying children = ants in the kitchen = dirt in my fingernails = cabbage.

    everything everything everything.

    adding up to nothing, which = silence in a bubble of spit.

    happiness and joy.

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