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Thread: Article: Enlightenment Therapy

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    Re: Article: Enlightenment Therapy

    thanks for that link, a great article and a reminder that practice is not necessarily the cure all for everything that may ail you.

    i especially liked the zen teacher's insight that perhaps zen chose him, that he did not choose zen.

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    Re: Article: Enlightenment Therapy

    the scars, the bad habits can be deep and recurring. Everyone has to deal with their karma as best they can. If I didn't realize that sitting helps one accept their situation and condition, I would not do it. For each moment we are all beginners.

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    Re: Article: Enlightenment Therapy

    This is a --very very very -- important article.

    I am going to have something posted concerning this soon ... a "Tackles the BIG Questions" about"When Roshis Are All Too Human" ...

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    Re: Article: Enlightenment Therapy

    I think it's important to remember we are not monks (which is one way to live). Being only a monk is very simple in it's context. However, we have to deal with people and situations daily that are a part of today's society. What matters, I think, is the way that we deal with them. Not throwing away the entirety of ego, but recognizing the useful and necessary from the nonsense.

    This guy who is worrying about being invisible (I read half of it right now), if I were him I would just get on with, and not worry so much about that. Drop it.

    How do you become uninvisible? Say Something for Ch**sts*ke! (pardon my language), and do something.

    However, if our "afraid of becoming invisible" causes us to go to drastic measures so people will notice us ie. searching for fame, then we should notice that aspect in our practice and learn to drop it.

    I'll finish reading the article.


    Edit: I think practice and how we handle it also depends on our situation. If our teacher only emphasized no mind, then we'd just end up wandering around doing nothing of use.

    Dogen Zenji:

    We need to take that experience out in society.
    And such.

    Being human, not a selfish a**hole, and perhaps of some use.



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    Re: Article: Enlightenment Therapy

    I should probably mention his situation (after reading some more).

    I think that analysis can help somewhat when we have traumatic experiences. However, it can also depend what we learn from practice, our teacher and the situation we are confronted with on a daily basis.

    Looking deep, and seeing the cause.

    Therapy might also have the opposite effect than what is sought, depending on the therapist. It could just reinforce our ego, and idea that there's something wrong with us.


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