I have just finished sitting Zazen in the morning.

As I was sitting it seemed to me my hands just disappeared, and i dont mean they were not there. but they simply did not matter, i felt them but didnt feel them, they were out of my mind. after about 25 minutes of sitting i began to lose feeling in my legs ( this was quite real since they have fallen asleep sometime ago ). i realized at that moment that there are no legs to feel or not feel. and its all the same. i just dropped all idea of legs falling asleep and kept sitting.

outside i was aware of sounds for most of my sitting, there was some music playing far a way, birds singing, someone working with power tools, the hum of the computers fan.
i heard each sound and didnt register much of it. it was just there... suddenly i started to notice each and every sound, the birds were all there was and the rest didnt matter, or it was the music, or power tools... it was all there was in the world. it came to me i looked at it in a very limited way. so i just dropped it all again. and all sounds came to me i herd it all at the same time, and there was no difference between them and in some sense me. everything was everything else! and i just sat.... as the bell rang i Gasshoed and stood up packed my zafu and went on with my day... the thing that amazed me most of all was the subtlety of this experience. it was like it didnt really matter. it happened, it was mind altering or life changing... it was just what it was.
nothing special.

Gassho, Daniel Dojin Sherman.